We are Mr. and Mrs. FrugalEnginerds (FEN), two life loving, career drivenben, early thirty-something engineers raising our beautiful daughter, Baby FrugalEnginerds (Baby FEN), born in 2015. We live in New Orleans or Nawlins as the locals call it and have been married since 2012. We met in college but it wasn’t until a year after our graduation when we met again at a bonfire that Mr. FEN decided to make the first move, and the rest is history.

Much like many new college grads, we were embedded with the ideology of getting a good job, putting in 30 plus years of employment, settling down, and locking in a 30-year mortgage. We were encouraged to take on the “good kind of debt”, and by being good consumers we were fueling the economic engine. Up until year 2014, we were still convinced that this is the way of life [not that it’s a bad life]. We became very comfortable with this lifestyle. We spent on unnecessary things. We consumed more than we needed. In addition, we enjoyed traveling and eating out, and for the cherry on top Mrs. FEN had a sickness of liking “nice things”. The list was endless.

Mr. FEN one day sat down and asked: “if we were doing everything right by the book, how come we constantly felt deprived of time and freedom?”

Maybe the book is not for everyone…

After learning that we were about to become parents, we decided that we needed to do something drastic about our spending ways. We also wanted to spend as much time with our daughter as possible. She will need both of us. Raising a family is now our focal point. The little voice in our heads keep antagonizing with “TIME TO GET OUT, FOOLS”.

We began our research on successful early retirees, we read various blogs and listened to audio books about becoming financial independence. We came to the realization that by living more frugally like our parents, who are the first generation immigrants, and eliminating some unnecessary money bleeding habits from our budget and DIY investments, we should be able to retire in our early 40s. We wanted to start this blog to keep us honest with our spending and to avoid falling off the frugality wagon. Feel free to join us on our journey to financial freedom. On the way there, we will be serving delicious home cooked meals with plentiful sides of personal finance, investment, and DIY ideas.

Mantra: Live fuller, healthier life by spending less than you need.




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