Our Motivation

I started this post in June, thinking I’ll come back to post it but it completely slipped my mind, and now it’s already August! But since I already started, here goes..

This past June we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday, yes, baby FEN is one! Even though she had absolutely no idea about the occasion, I managed to throw her a nice “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star” themed birthday party with our immediate families. Even though our house was packed, it was warm and very sweet to see the love out-poured on our daughter from everyone. Baby FEN had cake for the first time, but didn’t seem to be enjoying it much. Perhaps her young palette has yet able to identify different flavors. As I watched her enjoying her day, I wished I had spent more time with her this past year. I’m blessed to be tasked with the greatest gift in life, motherhood, and I’m wholeheartedly loving every moment of it. Our daughter is a very happy baby. Not only she’s funny and sweet, but also very clever. She transitioned from one milestone to another effortlessly that I almost missed all of her “firsts” because of work. From toddler to her pre-teen years, understandably, as parents, we have this small window to be close to our daughter, these are the years where she still wants to be around us and crave for our attention, and we will try our best to be present with her.

1st bday

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