April and May ’16 in Review

By Mr. FrugalEnginerds

The FEN Family got sidetracked these past few months. Things were slightly crazy with work and activities at home. But most importantly, we were lazy. Being that this blog is our passive hobby, it takes the backseat to other more pressing things (vacation, yard work/gardening, bathroom renovation and Mother’s Day, naps).

April ’16

At the beginning of April we took a family vacation with my side of the family for much needed R&R. We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday relaxing in Pensacola Beach, FL with Baby FEN’s grandpa and grandma, uncles, aunt, and cousins. Well…not so much Friday.


We have been Pensacola Beach, FL a few times before and every time it had been storming. This year was no different; Mother Nature is one moody lady. It rained the entire drive to Pensacola Beach and continued to rain throughout Friday night. By the time we all made it to our home for the weekend, everyone was hungry, exhausted, and extremely wet. Luckily, even though we asked my parents not to bring anything, being the frugal people that they are they brought 3 days’ worth of food. They never listen to us…but this time it worked out in the end.

The sun came out Saturday morning and brought life back to the emerald-colored beach. Our family slowly made our ways to the beach around noon. The water was slightly colder than expected so the kids were not able to enjoy the water. The adults on the other hand, spent the afternoon body surfing, swimming, toss the Frisbee around and knocking back a few refreshing alcoholic beverages, while consuming delicious BBQ. Sunday morning we parted ways with my family and arrived home by 1 pm. Overall, it was an enjoyable weekend.

As we drove up to our house, Mrs. FEN made a few comments about the overgrown grass in our yard. I countered a few valid excuses and was able to delay the inevitable for another week. I spent the following week grooming the yard much to Mrs. FEN’s delight. I had the bright idea to start a small vegetable garden and planted a few basil plants, tomatoes, and some mints. I happy to report after 1 month and half the tomatoes plant bear one fruit. Maybe in another month we can have enough tomatoes to homemade tomatoes sauce.


Basil and Chili Pepper


May ’16

May was a busy month as well. We spent roughly a week renovating one of the bathrooms and celebrated Mrs. FEN first Mother’s Day. We bought our primary resident last year, and one down side to this house was bathrooms. Imagine pink and blue tiles, as you walk into our bathrooms you are instantaneously transport back to the 1970s. We discussed if a bathroom renovation is DIY project or requiring more of professional touch. We wisely chickened out and hired a contractor. There are a few things around the house that I feel confident doing but a whole bathroom renovation is not up not one of them. Hiring a contractor might not be the most frugal thing to do. However, if we screwed up it, would cost more. We spent $2,500 in labor and $2,500 on materials, totaling $5,000. We lived through 5 days of dusty renovation but the bathroom looks great and is now more functional.


Mrs. FEN first Mother’s Day was nice and relaxing. In the morning, we stopped by our local Latin supermarket and picked up some takeout lunch plates for a picnic day at the park. If you are lacking time and want to stretch a few bucks, hit up your local ethnic supermarkets for some good-eats. The food tends to the very affordable with generous portions. After we stuffed your faces, we took leisurely stroll through the park. Frugal family fun time is very simple, but yields the most satisfying feelings. We ended Mother’s Day with cake and tons of pictures. Most of the pictures were of Mrs. and Bay FEN. I have grown accustomed of being the designated family photographer. I am a horrible photographer, the trick is to take at least 5 pictures for each pose. If you play the numbers game right, there will be at least 1 out of 5 pictures that will up to par with Mrs. FEN’s high expectation, in my book that is an “A”.




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